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>FREE< Esoterism and Symbol pdf, epub, mobi
>FREE< Esoterism and Symbol pdf, epub, mobi

R.A.Schwaller De Lubicz,A. Vandenbroeck,G. Vandenbroeck,: Esoterism and Symbol

Esoterism and Symbol


This is an initiation into the tone, structure, and mentality of Egyptian knowledge, the basis of all Western theology and science. It is a redefinition of those concepts which are basic to the pharaonic transmission--the glory of ancient Egypt. The author explores the `process of becoming` as related to consciousness and revealed in nature; the kinship between man and the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms; the stages of awareness leading to `Cosmic Consciousness`; and the mystery of the formation of substance into matter.

A twisted adventure of intrigue, magic and superstition from the bestselling F. E. Higgins Don't go down to the tar Esoterism and Symbol download ebook pits, children -- for their shores are lined with the wretched wraiths of all the traitors and murderers who have drowned in its bubbling depths. In the shadows of this putrid place, an unlikely new alliance is being formed: they call them The Phenomenals, and only they can save us from a hideous fate that will befall the town if the wraiths escape their tarry shackles ...Meet The Phenomenals: Citrine Capodel - heiress to a corrupt empire and framed for a murder she did not commit; Folly Harpelaine - a merciless destroyer of Lurids, who dabbles in the dark arts; Jonah Scrimshander - a deadly harpoonist, who has already cheated death, and Vincent Verdigris - light-fingered and even lighter on his feet.

Author: R.A.Schwaller De Lubicz,A. Vandenbroeck,G. Vandenbroeck,
Number of Pages: 79 pages
Published Date: 08 Jan 2000
Publisher: Inner Traditions Bear and Company
Publication Country: Rochester, VT, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780892810147
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